Boudoir - X

When I think about boudoir I tend to think about what’s implied, and if someone asks me for boudoir that’s generally how I’ll shoot – hinting, implying, keeping a little in reserve. I’d say most of the boudoir work I do, subjects would show to their close friends and not just their significant other. You can see some examples in my boudoir gallery here

It begs the question then, what is boudoir-x? With over 15 years of photographing the figure, I’m occasionally asked for shots that might be considered more risque. With the shedding of some inhibitions (and usually some clothing) I still don’t like to think of this work as ‘glamour shots’. It also doesn’t feel like portraiture because the model usually wants to be seen in their role and without some of the vulnerability that comes with an intimate portrait. 

A bit sexy, a bit arty, a bit more – for now, it’s ‘boudoir-x’.

(Warning nudity)