I take on a limited number of free artistic maternity shoots each year where they align to my style and body of work. This typically means art-nude / implied nude / sheer drapes, etc.

I also have a few concepts in the works for body-paint and more, so if you’re looking to create a beautiful artwork whilst pregnant you’re in the right place.

I’m happy to shoot you with your partner, or a close friend is welcome for support.

Professional hair and make-up  can be arranged on request (at cost), however most people are comfortable doing their own for this type of shoot.

If you’re interested in a free artistic maternity shoot, read through the FAQs below and then fill out the contact form.


Yes, I take on a small number of free shoots in genre’s that I enjoy shooting and to create images in the styles I like to create. Artistic maternity is one of those styles.

There’s no catch or gimmick, and this isn’t one of those ‘free shoot – charge for the images’ things. You do get hi-res digital images that you can print. If you do want me to arrange physical prints then that can be done at cost.

Because this is a body of work I’m still building you must consent to the images being used for promotion of my work, entry into competitions etc. If you’re looking for artistic maternity shots where I can’t use the images for self promotion I’m happy to discuss this, but I typically only undertake that work on a paid basis.

Some level of implied nudity is generally part of this body of work, though for maternity underwear may be the right feel for a shot, or draped material, or sheer material, or a simple white shirt, or a bodysuit…

There are plenty of options for most comfort levels but these are ultimately maternity ‘art’ shoots, so if simple portraits are what you’re after this probably isn’t it.

Not at all. All shoots are a collaboration. If we start discussing a shoot we’ll work through creating a mood-board together where we’ll both suggest images we think would be suitable. The mood board will be our guide for the type of shoot we’ll be doing, and so we’re all clear on what to expect.

I typically shoot in my studio in Balmain Sydney. A location shoot may be an option but at the moment studio is preferred due to the control it gives over light.

Absolutely, I’m happy to take shots of you and your partner together, though we’d also shoot some solo images.

No. I have limited shooting time available and I limit my shoots to subjects that I think will be cohesive with or add to my body of work in the project.

I typically shoot in my studio in Balmain Sydney. A location shoot may be an option but at the moment studio is preferred due to the control it gives over light.

A shoot will typically take about 2 hours (excluding any hair & makeup time). In that time we’ll probably work through 3 different looks or setups.

When we setup a shoot I’ll email you a full prep-sheet that explains what to expect and how to prepare. Including details on things like hair & makeup, as well as wardrobe & styling.

Once we start discussing a shoot we’ll work through a mood-board (example inspiration images that act as a guide for the type of shoot we’ll be doing, and so you’re clear on what to expect).

Of course, your reasons for doing the shoot are your own, and you will receive digital images from the shoot, as well as a physical print.

However, the style of the shoot will be a collaboration between us and in the styles you see here. If you’re looking for complete creative control of a shoot then we can discuss as a paid project.

Yes you can have a friend there for support if you feel comfortable with that (or have them in the next room if you prefer).

For maternity shoots I’m also happy to shoot with partners present for support and/or as subject.

I’ve been shooting for nearly 20 years, and most of that time shooting the figure in art-nude work. I’ve studies art and photography extensively and occasionally teach photography workshops in Sydney.

My aims as a photographer revolve around creating artistic prints, bodies of work for my portfolio, and potentially the occasional book. For maternity work I’m still building this portfolio, so images could be used:

  • on my website and social media channels
  • in gallery shows or photographic competitions
  • to promote my photographic services

The images cannot be used for any commercial purpose (so promoting any product or service other than promoting my own services). Images also cannot be used or included in any publication or website etc. that is pornographic in nature (they’re not really that sort of image anyway, but it pays to be clear).

A limited release will be required that sets out how the images can be used (as described above).

Sometimes artwork are completely anonymous (no faces shown), however faces will appear usually appear in images, and images may be used on my website and social media channels.

Images will not be  posted with your full name so they are very unlikely to be found using a web search but I can’t promise nobody will ever see it (when it comes to images, having them be seen is kinda the point).

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